Augmented Reality Programming Giants Partner To Blaze New Trails in Augmented Reality Software

Gravity Jack In the Press

Gravity Jack and ARToolworks, Inc. have formed a technology-sharing partnership to pioneer new advances in the computer vision and augmented reality arena.
LIBERTY LAKE, WA — If you can imagine pointing the camera of your mobile device at an object and then interacting with that “reality” via the touch screen, then you can only begin to imagine the developments that will soon come to fruition now that Gravity Jack and ARToolworks, Inc. have formed a technology sharing partnership.
Gravity Jack’s team of edgy augmented reality programming innovators and scientists designs custom mobile apps and augmented reality apps, writes software in over 50 programming languages, and consults on high technology for companies of all sizes. The company’s proven credentials, key vendor relationships, and real-world expertise in tackling a variety of technological challenges made it an ideal technology partner for helping ARToolworks Inc. achieve it’s revolutionary new plans.
“The business implications and application development possibilities are mind-blowing. For companies that are bleeding edge enough to envision the possible applications of augmented reality iOS Development and Android App Development, this partnership will allow us to make those visions a reality,” said Luke Richey, President and CEO of Gravity Jack, Inc.
“This partnership positions us as a top choice among producers of custom augmented reality software in the world.” said Richey.
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About Gravity Jack: Gravity Jack, Inc, was founded in 2009 when a dream team in software development came together to kick tail in the augmented reality space. The company designs and develops robust software solutions for all industries including augmented reality and retail software for both the iPhone and Android operating systems.
About ARToolworks, Inc.: ARToolworks, Inc. ( is the premier provider of tools for developing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Using ARToolworks’ software it is easy to create AR applications where virtual images are seamlessly overlaid on the real world



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